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There is a battle under way that will determine the economic and
social formulas for the new millennium.  Much blood has flowed at the hands
of those whose nature it is to kill rather than negotiate into place, those
formulae.  The following images are my collective response to that reality.
Their delivery is couched in the search for control of the elements of contrast.

Five Golden Justices
Corporatists Caught Defining Their Moment


Liberty and Justice for All

Blow the Whistle.  Do it
like an American.
The United Nations and its Agenda 21/30 is a conspiracy
to commit genocide. It should not be tolerated any more than a
second coming of Adolf Hitler.

The servile DLC is in fact, a kinder, gentler fascism which embraces the National
Defense Authorization Act and crushes the Constitution. The NDAA empowers and
"legitimizes" militant corporatism to forcibly protect and defend elitists for the
final outcome. Toleration and compliance is not an option for, as Barbara Bush
would say, the "little people."

To appreciate the ethical shift afoot and it's social impact, please have a look.


The same corporate mindset placing Hillary Clinton into the presidency,
cannot be defeated by by a brain-controlled population, all to the credit of the media.
The MSM procreates ideologues that thrive at the state level. 
Herr MSM is much nastier
and brazen than ever imagined with glaring goose-steppers lockstep in their blanking 
of Bernie Sanders. They create the wrong kind of world: One without a Consitution.

That so many conned democrats support Clinton
is a credit to mainstream media's
loyalty to Mobby and the easily modified belief systems of an enslaved viewership.

Look how well it works in Israel, an unapologetic apartheid fascist state energetically
supported by Hillarty Clinton, a consummate Neo Con. 

For the facts:



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