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There is a battle under way that will determine the economic and
social formulas for the new millennium.  Much blood has flowed at the hands
of those whose nature it is to kill rather than negotiate into place, those
formulae.  The following images are my collective response to that reality.
Their delivery is couched in the search for control of the elements of contrast.

Five Golden Justices
Militant Corporatists, or Fascists, Caught Defining Their Moment


Liberty and Justice for All

President Obama has all he needs

to prosecute everyone responsible
for 911.  Bush, Cheney and their
must know there
is no statute of limitation for
 capital crimes.  If Obama fails,
It's up to We the People to prosecute.
He cannot trump our right to legal
redress.  He's a Consitutional
scholar, so he knows.


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