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Sarah CheneyWitches, Tongues, and Sara Palin

Baby BillaryFreedom of ChoiceErosion Along the Tigris

Suicide By Neo ConKristo Bush RoveObama Confronts the Corporation2008 AD

The Clintonst =Swiftboating on Broadway with Mitch McConnellI Feel Your PainBill O'Ailes

Senate Republicans Visit IraqThe Petraeus InsultBrewster JenningsGonzo's Leahy

Rudolph's TwinsGonzo or JusticeNeo Con TotalityRepublican Totem

Dick's New ScooterConstitution Defense SystemNeo Con TrifectaFour Lapel Pins

Bush, Thompson, and the Conservation of MatterHeroes of Shadow GovernmentsDarwin's TwoferWhat Fascist Coup?

A Theobot Is BornLenin, Trotsky, Strauss, and KristolDubya Who?

Murdoch's Enslaved Red StatesPinky's LoadGenocide ForgivenCoffee, Tea, or Treason, Mr. President?Oops!But What's a Hard Drive?

The Joy of DictatorshipCalling Mr. Alberto GonzalesSoda JerkPraise Jesus and Vote RepublicanFaggot!  Faggot!Blackwater Jesus at Republican Mecca

Rove and Gonzales Do JusticeFitz's DominoesNeocon TerrorismA Hero At Walter ReedBenedick Bush

The Feith FilterFlying Moles Over D.C.PreemptionCongratulations!Lincoln's SadnessLiberty's Boil

Cheney Versus WilsonPardon Me Mr. MuellerDick Tater with Joe Mole and Tony ToolFleetNeo Con Sunrise

Abu HoloUnanticipated TwoUnanticipated1/1/07

0043Willing ParticipantsOil Slick On the TigrisNegroponti, Diplomat

Aspen Trees in the FallRupert's Black HouseHappy HolidaysLegacyFirst Bush In Space

TriptychIn The Museum Of CompassionShe Died For Neo Con SchemesClosetedNailed by the Insecure

Bush Lied, We DiedThe Lie Is Their TruthBirth of IrvingPox AmericanaChertoff's Lament

SpittleSchiavoWe Are the LawAuntie Christy JugglesRupert's Brains

Ann Coulter, RepublicanCoulter, Limbaugh, and O'ReillyNutsRepublican Mecca

Coup 1/20/2001Neo FasciaBush Energy Plan BusharabiaG.O.P. In White

A Bush ReflectsFalwellRushkindEmbedsWorm Two

Grover SantorumDonald Rumsfeld, Neo Con, SpeaksJeb's Unclean HandsKansas Quandary

Supremes '06  Let's Out PlameWar On DemocracyEnergy Merchants

TurdblossomKarl Rove PlaysNeo Cons Betray Plame and CountryA RetrospectiveAmerica's Shame

Clinton and BushRove's Spark CoilGOP in OrangeStaying the CourseToxic Twins
Arabian Trojan HorseRapture RejectedRobertsTrust MePicture in a Picture

Pentagon OuijaThe ScoldingClock

Bush Choo ChooBoltonLa Fascista Tar PitsCompassionate Conservatives

Urban PacificationRepublican WinterCoulter and O'ReillyBushwormHand PickedState of the Union

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